Saturday, July 07, 2007

Greasemonkey - Live 365 tweaks

Ok, so I've been using live365 for a while now. By default their player will send a 'silent' stream if you close the player. While on XP, I'm now using Ubuntu, my browser popup blocker would block the onbeforeunload and onunload events so when I closed the player the stream would continue to play. The popup blocker I use for Ubuntu doesn't block the onbeforeunload and onunload so I wrote a GM script to allow you to close the player window and keep the stream playing. Oh, I intergrated the house ad blocker so you don't get nagged to create an account after every 5th stream.


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Coy said...

Hi, there's something I don't understand. You said that if you're working with windows XP you can close the window player without getting the annoying "silent" stream and the normal stream just continues? Right? My question is: are you using Firefox or IE under Win XP??? Because I use Firefox and if I close the window player I get that silent600.mp3 thingy :s
And is it the build-in popupblocker of Firefox you use or an extra program???

Thx :)