Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bug Report

Use this posting to report bugs with my scripts.

Please supply:
1) Script name
2) Problem
3) Failing url


Matt said...

Hi. Not a bug report, just don't know how else to get in touch. Love your FOX video script that removes ads. Can you make one that removes the ads from the premium (broadband) video on the BBC site? Thanks!

kevin said...

Here's a bug report...

1.) FoxNews Friendly Video and CNN Friendly Video

2.) Commercials play, no video, just sound.

3.) and

kevin said...

BTW: While it worked, it was GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

For what it is worth I notice that Fox Friendly does not make the on screen controls available. There are no pause/play/fast forward/fast rewind/audio levels/full screen mode controls,

This is with FireFox on Fedora Core 7 Gnome all up to date.

Regardless, thanks for the tool.

Anonymous said...

It seems foxnews is now giving me a white screen where the video should be, despite using your greasemonkey script.

it had been working:O

Anonymous said...

Salon Premium Pass stopped working for me. I changed /src/pass/gateway to /src/pass/sitepass and it seems to be working again. FYI. :-)

Anonymous said...

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