Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greasemonkey - Fox News Ads

Heh, I decided to get back into some GM scripts starting with the Fox video player. After doing some snooping I realized GM may not be able to do it since it's not a combination flash/JS but completely implemented in flash. So snooping a little traffic I decided to get out of the way so added a host entry for to resolve to and low-and-behold the ads are gone. That was easy! :)


Moose said...

I could not get the address to work for - it just stalled. My Cisco router admin address ( in /etc/hosts) worked though by responding "Cancel" when asked for a username and passwd. No adds but a "Cancel" response was required each time doubleclick was accessed!

Vlajbert said...

You could also try, it also is localhost. This is really just a hack. The real fix would be to write a FF plugin. Since the players are Flash GM doesn't get to jump in and tweak the page.