Saturday, August 13, 2005

Update -- CNN Friendly Video

Found a better and less error prone way to handle ads.



Jaro said...

I liked the first release better, when it went straight to the mms feed completely bypassing the cnn window. Can you please post the link to the earlier version? I unfortunately didn't save it before upgrading to this latest version. Thank you!

Vlajbert said...

Hmm, I should support them both. I'll track the other version down.

jaro said...

That would be great if you do! Looking fwd to it!

jaro said...

Hi - any update on getting the original 1.0 script yet?

Anonymous said...

i tried the "CNN friendly Video" script and it did not work for me. this is another one

i just replace a href="javascript"
by a href="....ASX

i open CNN videos in the Ubuntu-Firefox-gxine combo.

Vlajbert said...

Jaro, I just uploaded support for both.

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