Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Salon Battle

The never ending battle with the Salon script continues. In the process of looking into why the script doesn't work with Opera, which I've figured out and will try a fix and enter a bug report with Opera, I found out the FF script was also failing. Turns out that ad code from is preventing the GM script from running. I'm looking into this now. A quick fix is to resolve to in the host file on your PC.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking into Opera, that's cool. BTW, I guess I haven't run into the judo issue in FF yet, which explains why it continues to work for me in FF.

Anonymous said...

The Salon Script is very very nice. The Economist at has now started using the Salon model to view their premium pages. Would it be possible to write a script for The Economist? Thanks for your hard work, it is most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

"A quick fix is to resolve to in the host file on your PC."

How do you do that?

Vlajbert said...

1) Shutdown all of your browsers
2) Add the following line to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
3) Restart your browser and requests to should throw a 404.

Note: if you have web server on your machine it will kack because your web server will try to serve the requests.

Ed said...

The Economist bypass would be rather easy to script, I would assume, for someone who knows what they are doing. The ID number is on the premium login/signup page, which should be easily accessible with Greasemonkey.

Feel free to contact me if you need/want more details.